A Child's Laughter

A music celebrity RPG

A Childe's Laughter (a music celebrity slash rpg)
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This is a rpg of music celebrities. Though it is primarily slash, your celebrity does not have to be. If you wish to join, you must first read the disclaimer and rules at Main Website.

This community is where the actual rpg sessions are posted along with any changes or vital infomation.

The moderator is Camui Gackt. Any and all questions about joining or the like are to be sent to him.

The Main Website contains the current plotlines running. However, if you plan to join, it is suggested you read through the rpg sessions after being accepted to get your footing.

But most of all, Enjoy yourself!!!

Community Rules:

1) If you want to be a part of this rpg, join the community. That is the first thing you should do after you create your journal. And Gackt will try to approve you as fast as possible.

2) Posts with rpg sessions must be behind an lj-cut ( rpg session ).

3) If you have a problem with the rpg, don't post it here. Take it up either with the player or the moderators via e-mail. If you cannot reach one or the other via e-mail, then post it here. And if you must post it here, follow the OOC posting rules on the main site.